There’s a lot of white noise around us today that makes it seem like things are okay. But we have to only step out of our homes, our comforts and our constructs to see that at our doorstep and beyond, crises demand our urgent action. An informed and engaged democracy is our greatest medium for doing so, and as Amartya Sen noted, “it [democracy] is intimately connected with public discussion and interactive reasoning”.

At Student Think Tank for India, we are creating a model and building a capacity from within our schools and colleges to promote critical thinking and civic engagement. We are interested in the inquiry and understanding of all the different perspectives around social, economic, cultural and political issues. Student choice is at the centre of our organic learning process, and we are currently a completely voluntary organisation.

Do check out our models of school clubs and college chapters, and if our mission might align with yours (as a school, an organisation or an individual), we would love to hear from you.

We are looking for Moderators to carry out sessions and facilitate learning at school clubs in Hyderabad and Delhi. 

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