Core Team

Aakash Pydi – Founder & President

Aakash founded Student Think Tank for India in 2014 as a creative and sustainable response to the deep and multi-faceted problems that India faces today. In his words, read the Why behind STTI:

“India today is facing a myriad of very real and challenging problems… why do any of us even need to care?” 

Aakash is an undergraduate student at Purdue University studying applied statistics, computer science and economics. He writes at




Mohnish DP
Mohnish Yerra – Vice President

Mohnish recently graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering, a minor in Economics and a Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He has been involved with STTI from its inception in 2014.

A resident of Hyderabad, Mohnish is especially interested in integrating Social Entrepreneurship and Education. Find his profile on LinkedIn at




Aditi Parekh – Programme Director

Aditi is interested in creating learning experiences that empower students – not by feeding in more information, but by creating the conditions in which they may find a self-directed capacity to be empathetic, engaged and entrepreneurial. Currently based in Delhi, she directs programmes for the STTI School Clubs.

Find her learning on education and related themes at





Smita Samanta – Marketing Head

Smita is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree at Purdue University in Computer Science alongside a minor in Entrepreneurship and a major interest in dance. She headed the second cohort of the STTI Chapter at Purdue University.








Ashutosh Agarwal

Ashutosh is an undergraduate student at the University of Pennsylvania studying Computer Science and Economics, with in interest in the applying technology to solve some of the most pressing problems the world faces today.






Kabir David
Kabir David

A graduate in English from Ramjas College, Delhi University, Kabir is interested in education, music and a few other things in between. He is currently exploring his interests on a gap year, and has been coordinating and moderating the activities at the STTI School Club of DPS, Hyderabad.





Mukesh Manjunath

Mukesh is a liberal arts student who believes that a great educator must be an intelligent stand up comic and is therefore straddling both worlds. He graduated from IIT-Madras with an Integrated Masters’ in Development studies, and facilitates the Meridian School and DPS STTI clubs with an infectious enthusiasm. Find his humorous take on the world at





Isha Malik

Isha Malik, from Delhi, is a graduate in Business Studies with a specialisation in finance. An avid debater in school as well as college, she joined STTI with a belief in the power of balanced & holistic education as our strongest factor of change. She is now trying her hand at Corporate Communications.





Rishav Bhattacharya

Rishav is a graduate in Psychology from Ambedkar University, Delhi. He is currently pursuing the Gandhi Fellowship to understand and improve primary education systems in rural communities across India. He believes that alternate spaces for learning are imperative to adapt to tomorrow’s world.






Srujana Bej Headshot
Srujana Bej

Srujana Bej is currently pursuing her B.A. LL.B at NALSAR University of Law. Born and brought up in Hyderabad, Srujana is known for her sensitivity to the needs of those who are subject to political, economic and social injustices. She believes that creativity and critical thinking are underrated, unlearnt skills in India’s education system. In her time with STTI, she hopes to make a small but significant change to that.




Vani Shree

Vani is a social science buff who greatly enjoys debating and writing about various issues. She’s always willing to make an effort to view things in an unconventional manner by thinking beyond the well manufactured belief systems. She is currently pursuing an honors degree in Political Science at DU.





12227731_1072661849444912_5820973783118640328_n (2) copy.jpg
Radha Agarwal
I am a 12th Grade student of RB Academy in Pune, studying subjects of the science faculties. Having been in an alternate education system, she feels strongly that our current model of school education is lacking in critical thinking and student exposure.


Sankalp Vohra
Sankalp is an inquisitive and adventurous idealist who believes that critical thinking is of utmost importance for happy lives and healthy societies. He also believes that individuals should take the initiative to build those healthy societies, even if that is by the smallest means possible. He is currently pursuing B.A.(H) Economics from Sri Venkateswara College, University of Delhi.

Ayush Jaiswal

Ayush Jaiswal is from Pune, and is currently pursuing a major in Industrial Engineering with a minor in Economics at Purdue University. He has been one of the most active participants of the Purdue Chapter. In the spirit of STTI, he tries to get people to realise the complexity of problems – to see that every picture in black and white has shades of grey that make it complete.




Aayushi Deshpande
Aayushi is a liberal arts sophomore who’s majoring in psychology. She  is passionate about mental health, and is a photography enthusiast. She loves quizzing and Tumblr, and believes that art as an agent of expression and empathy has the capacity to transform individuals.

City Leads 

Apoorva Bhalla
Apoorva is a Computer Science graduate from Banasthali University, Rajasthan. After stints at research in Germany and Singapore, she finally found her passion in Information and Communication Technologies for Development (ICTD), and is currently working towards the same at IIT Delhi. She hopes to use these interests and skills to bring a change in the field of education for the power it has in shaping an individual.