Dear Students,

Welcome to Student Think Tank for India! We’re extremely grateful to your school community that has opened its gates for us to come and work with you. Not very long back, all of us who now work at STTI graduated school to pursue college, jobs, projects and dreams… and we’re excited to be back to create a space that we wished would have existed when we were in school! We started the first STTI Club last year in Delhi Public School, Gachibowli, and motivated by what we have learnt from there, we want to do a Take 2!

So what is STTI?

STTI is a space to engage with all of those huge, pertinent issues out there — the social, cultural and civic issues that affect us all. It’s a place to come and learn about them, raise questions, and by that process, start acting on them. See why we do this. 

How do we do this?

We’re forming a club in your school that will pursue different activities that will be guided by STTI Moderators, who will take sessions in school, and collaborate with you outside school through online communities. The STTI Moderators are college students and recent graduates, all of whom are extremely interested in civic issues, and believe that learning and talking about these issues can be fun, meaningful and very complex and therefore very interesting.

We’ve put a lot of thought into what kind of club we want to create, so here are the building blocks of an STTI School Club:

All of us at STTI are here out of choice and interest: no board or curriculum is mandating us to do this. We want to connect with students, and together explore and understand civic issues, and your school has been kind enough to allow us in. So we we ask the same from you: come here out of choice and interest.

STTI Moderators will come to your school for 2 sessions a month, and we will start with having open-ended discussions on topics of your interest. During these sessions, we hope to also have screenings, interactions with interesting people, individual or group projects, and various other activities.

The important point here is that what topics we choose to talk about will be decided collectively by you and by the moderators. To start with, let us choose topics that are

  • Of general interest
  • Relate to a larger issue and not to a particular incident or a narrow context

We’ve got a permanent form you can use to submit your ideas for topics and activities right here:  

Apart from the sessions, in which Moderators will come to your schools for sessions, we want you guys to create outputs in innovative and interesting ways. Had a session on the myths and truths about firecrackers? Do an assembly about it, or make a photo collage.

We have requested your school for an assembly slot every week, and a bulletin board to showcase your learning. Apart from that, if you have any more ideas, write to us through this form:

We need four – six leaders of the Club, with at least one person from each Class/Grade, similar to the prefects or captains you have in school. Your jobs is to help us communicate about session timings, think of and collect ideas for upcoming activities, and make sure we get our outputs ready on time.

We will put up the application form soon. And anyone can be a leader, as long as you can demonstrate that you can do that job. The application form will be followed by a short call with one of our Moderators.

Many leaders of our previous STTI Clubs have told us that they never even expected that they would be selected, but they applied anyway… and some of the best leaders have come up because of this opportunity. So give it a shot anyway!

In order to get your ideas for sessions and have a general discussion going, we will set up a Facebook group and a Google+ community. The links will be shared among your friends.

You must be wondering, what is the point of doing all this? If the longer vision does not make sense, here are some more incentives to joining the club:

  • Value of joining another activity while applying to Universities abroad
  • Developing the skill of constructing articulate arguments
  • Improving the ability to write and present views through a coherent writing style
  • Building sustainable relations and peer networks across different schools in Hyderabad
  • Exposure to Moderators from prestigious universities