STTI (Student Think Tank for India) works to promotes two skills:

• civic engagement: caring about issues we face as a society
• critical thinking:  learning about it by asking questions and understanding diverse perspectives

Research shows that cultivating these two skills create successful students, innovative schools, and a more caring society. We encourage students to observe, question and act on important social and civic issues through the ABCs, which are designed and taught by students from the best Indian universities.

Activities: Assemblies and Bulletin Boards in school.
Baatcheet: 1 to 2 hour workshops on different topics.
Challenges: Monthly goals to guide students in making an impact.

We currently offer sessions in 4 cities:
1. Hyderabad
2. Delhi/NCR
3. Pune
4. Coimbatore

Schools from these cities can schedule Baatcheet sessions in a cluster (eg: Five Baatcheet workshops one after the other through a week) or have them spread throughout the academic year (eg: One workshop and two Activities per month for a set number of students).

DOwnload brochure button.png

On the other hand, our Baatcheet Club activity is open to schools across the country. We send weekly assembly scripts and brainstorming charts for high school students to take part it.

Learn more about the Baatcheet Boards.

0. Baatcheet Boards

Contact us to organise these workshops in your school, or apply to be part of the organisation. 

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