Our school clubs are organised and carried out by Moderators. Their goal and responsibility is simple: create a powerful learning experience for students.

What does a Moderator do?

• Conduct sessions: visit the school in your city and conduct discussions and activities for students to learn about a topic of civic or social interest. These may be essential topics (e.g.: gender, food, education etc) or those revolving around current issues.
• Organise operations: work with the school admin or teacher to schedule and organise sessions.
• Outputs: design and help students pursue projects to further their understanding of issues discussed.
 Community building: build and maintain a community of your school students – communicate about sessions, create teams for projects, select club leaders, get feedback on what’s working, and suggestions on what to change.

Who are we craning our necks and looking out for?

1. People with a working knowledge of the social sciences (theoretical or applied), and an interest in the analysis of contemporary social, political, economic and cultural issues.  We have session plans on these issues that can be implemented. But if your cup of tea means bringing your own topics and ideas to sessions, that’s especially welcome – as long as they reflect all perspectives, and ask relevant and challenging questions.
2. Conversationalists. Facilitators. Aspiring teachers (the B. Ed is not a criterion here!)
People who have the confidence to facilitate discussions and activities with teenagers (who are sometimes idealistic, sometimes bored), but really want to make sense of what’s happening in the world around them. We have an arsenal of teaching techniques and some magic potions that can make the job smoother and more effective, but step one comes from you.3. (Not a skill, but it goes without saying) Curiosity and learning. None of us working in STTI are experts in education or social change, but we pride ourselves on a ruthless curiosity that pushes us to know more, figure out better solutions, and continuously challenges ourselves.

We are looking for people who have demonstrated skills for the responsibilities above, or are ready to learn them on the go.  Please do not hesitate if you do not have any prior experience, apply anyway!
The minimum period of commitment is 3 months, with about 2 hours per week, subject to the schedules and arrangements of the school you will be working with . This opportunity is guaranteed to be a growth experience, and is structured as an unpaid internship with a letter of recommendation at completion.

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