0. What’s STTI? And what are the Baatcheet Boards? 
STTI stands for Student Think Tank for India. We’re a group of college students and professionals from some of India’s best institutions, who organise workshops, activities and challenges for high school students around the country. We want to promote the building of two skills: critical thinking and civic engagement. These skills are proven to be good for your own academics, for your future career, and for ultimately, for the country.

Our workshops promote discussion – Baatcheet – and the Baatcheet Boards are a way for you to have interesting discussions in your school on important issues from anywhere in India.

1. Who can become a STTI  Baatcheet Club?
Any private Indian school can enrol with a team of 4 high school students (Class 9 to 12) and a teacher in charge. Fill up this form, and we will send you a letter of consent signed by the school principal and/or correspondent.

2. What will we need to have in order to enrol?
• A team of 4 students from Class 9 to Class 12 and a teacher in charge.
• Weekly assembly with 3-5 minutes of time to speak
• Bulletin board space in a common area with space for 2 charts
• Charts!

3. What will we have to do each week?
Every week, we will send the Baatcheet leaders a script of the Assembly, and the design for a Baatcheet Board Chart.One student of the STTI Club will do a 3-5 minute assembly on a civic issue. The chart will be drawn and put up on a bulletin board.

Students will respond to the brainstorming activities on those charts – fill in their opinions, ideas, and even add more questions. At the end of that week, a picture of the charts from all the schools will be sent back to us for evaluation.

4. What topics do you cover in the Baatcheet assemblies?
Look around you – the daily news, annual reports, and the burning questions about which “India wants to know”. Our assemblies will talk about current affairs and important issues that India faces, to create truly well informed and more importantly, thinking citizens. For example: we will talk about development, environment and sustainability, media, technology, economic literacy, and so on.

5. What are the Baatcheet assemblies and charts like?
Take a look at some an example here.

6. What will we get from this? 
a. A boost in critical thinking and civic engagement skills. In other words – you will learn to care, and care to learn about issues of national importance.
b. A fun extra curricular activity which teaches Public Speaking, Writing, Problem solving and Teamwork
c. A certificate of participation at the end of 3 months
d. A chance to win weekly awards for your school in two categories: a Max Baatcheeter! award for maximum participation on the dBoard, and a Wow Baatcheeter! award for the most interesting responses.
e. In exceptional cases, your work will be published on national media platforms. Everyone loves hearing from children who are thinking about making it a better India!

6. I have more questions. What can I do? 
We’d love to hear from you. Mail us at studentthinktankforindia@gmail.com.