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Good morning everyone. From here on, every Thursday, you will get to hear from members of the STTI Baatcheet Club. Each assembly will address one question on a civic or social issue. We will have the Baatcheet board in <insert location of bulletin board> with a space to write your votes and add answers. 
Today’s question is: Do the recent floods in Bangalore and Delhi and the floods in Chennai last year demonstrate a pattern? 
Points: In all three cases, there were non-stop rains, or very frequent rain, because of which water could not drain in time. 
There are two possible reasons why the situations became as severe as they did. 
i. Poor city planning: insufficient drainage systems and encroachment on water bodies. In Bangalore, the worst hit areas were near the lakes. Because of rain, the lakes overflowed and flooded nearby areas. In Chennai, due to the Adyar river overflowing, the dam was opened, which caused more damage to neighbouring areas. In all three places, the poor drainage system has been cited as a cause for the severity of flooding. 
ii. Climate change: Especially in Chennai, it rained much more than usual and with a higher frequency. Do you think this is an indicator of climate change, or just a freak incident?
Parts of Andhra Pradesh also experienced flooding last year. What were the reasons behind this? Are they similar to the other cases? If so, would you say that there is a pattern emerging and that more cities may be affected? How much would you attribute to poor planning by the government, and how much do you think is because of climate change, or just bad luck?
Please enter your votes, answers and solutions on the bulletin board chart. Until next Thursday’s next Baatcheet!
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