If you’ve ever thought about what you can do to make a difference to the country, then you’re not alone. So many of us have given it a thought, at some point or the other. The team at STTI has graduated school, but we really wanted to create something so that you didn’t have to wait to start contributing.

So we made the STTI Baatcheet Boards. So that you can share your ideas and opinions, no matter where in India you live.

What’s the Baatcheet Board? Read on.

0. Baatcheet Boards

Step 1. We’ll send you the material to do a 3-5 minute assembly, and a chart that you can put up on a bulletin board.


Step 2. You will present the assemblies and put up the charts. Get your friends – during lunch breaks or while you’re walking down the corridor to fill in their ideas and opinions about the topic on the chart.


Step 3. We collect the “Baatcheet”s of students just like you from around the country. Send us a picture of your chart through email. <studentthinktankforindia@gmail.com>.

Step 4. We’ll put all these charts together on our website for you to take a look what your friends around the country think about the same topic. Do they feel the same way as you do? Do they have the same opinions? Does someone else have a fantastic idea that you didn’t think of?

Step 5. We’ll take some time to share the most interesting, thoughtful charts. You might get a virtual medal if you’re selected for this!

Step 6: repeat! We’ve got 12 assemblies for you to do, on 12 topics that you can Baatcheet on. Reach the finish line.

Step 7: As a token of how much we value your efforts to think about issues that are so important to our future – you’ll get a certificate from STTI. You can proudly show this off because you have made a difference.

If you’re a high school student in India, you can register now to become an STTI Baatcheet Club. See the form below.

More questions? Read this FAQ page.