Baatcheet – literally meaning “conversation” – is STTI’s format of activity based workshops in which students learn about an issue, raise questions, and create solutions. These are done in small to medium groups, and run as 1 to 2 hour sessions.

List of Baatcheet sessions (updated regularly):

1. Observe, Question, Act: An introduction to STTI
2. Gender Education
3. Media literacy
4. Historical monuments and identity // Why study history?
5. Disorders and disabilities
6. Adolescent Education – Exploring the crucial choices teenagers face
7. Corruption in India
8. Refugee crises in the world
9. Understanding the India-Pakistan histories
10.Engineering and Education in India
11. Urbanisation + environmentalism
12. Food and farming

…and many more in the making.

Schools can schedule Baatcheet sessions in a cluster (eg: Five Baatcheet workshops one after the other through a week) or have them spread throughout the academic year (eg: One workshop and two Activities per month for a set number of students).

Join us as a Moderator to create and organise these Baatcheet sessions, or Contact us to conduct these workshops in your school.