World Bank’s Global Youth Forum 2016 – STTI at Washington D.C.


STTI was invited to the World Bank‘s Global Youth Forum at their HQ in Washington, DC. As a partner at the forum, we got to share our experiences and learn about youth development from 150 organisations around the world.


The forum featured a number of panel discussions and keynote addresses on issues that are most critical to youth development, such as education, employment, security, gender and climate change. Speakers ranged from leaders of international organisations such as the UN and the World Bank, to grassroots youth leaders from Brunei to Brazil, Ghana to Guatemala.

The message we gathered from hearing these speakers was that all of these large social and environmental issues call for youth to actively participate in understanding and solving them. Their involvement in these issues is not a matter of charity or choosing – it is integral to their own well-being and future.

We had the honour of presenting our work at the forum from leaders of educational organisations such as Educate!, the Jamaican Ministry of Education, Ashoka Changemaker Schools and representatives from the governments of Turkey, Brazil, Mali and Cambodia. We talked about the mission and model of Student Think Tank for India’s school clubs. (Click on link to read full text).

These conversations gave us a lot of encouragement, and valuable feedback on how to create the next generation of thoughtful and involved citizens.

We are excited to bring back the learning from this international forum to our school clubs in India, and hope to continue doing justice to the wonderful individuals and communities who generously support us!




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