No Country for Women: A Workshop at DPS, Hyderabad

Members of the STTI Club at DPS, Hyderabad took part in a provocative invitation to think about gender roles and gender policing by the brilliant Bhamini Lakshminarayan of No Country For Women. They observed the phenomenon through the lens of gender-discrimination and questioned its roots and rules over the course of a two-day workshop. 

Here is a reflection of the workshop by Sanjana Manusanipalli, a Class 10 student and club leader:

“About two weeks ago, No Country For Women (NCFW) hosted a workshop in Delhi Public School Hyderabad through STTI. No Country For Woman is an organization which aims to combat systemic gender-based discrimination. Ms. Bhamini Lakshminarayan talked students from classes 9 to 12 addressing the issues faced by women in our society. She enlightened us about how trivial phrases we use in day to day life can be viewed as sexist comments. She talked about everything related to the issue — from how media and movies view women, to how boys are also affected by gender based discrimination. She also discussed rape, its causes, how it is portrayed and how it can be stopped.

During the second session a week later, many of the students voiced their opinions as well. They had an opportunity to express their views with group presentations. After these sessions, the students are now more aware about the problems that people face as a result of gender based discrimination and will hopefully play a role in combating them.”

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