5 Things We Learned When We Asked School Students About Corruption, Gender And More

Our work featured on Youth ki Awaaz!

A new study places young India’s democratic participation scores at 21%. At Student Think Tank for India, we’re trying to raise this figure.

Source: 5 Things We Learned When We Asked School Students About Corruption, Gender And More


Open House Coimbatore: On Education

College students from Amritha College of Engineering, Kumaraguru College of Engineering, and PSG Tech; industry experts from Thoughtworks, Inc; a poet and writer of Coimbatore’s premier institutions; a private tutor, an upcoming entrepreneur, and a freshman medical student all in one heady discussion on education in India!


Terrorism. We can’t even…

Possibly the toughest question of our times, terrorist activities have been at the fore of our newspaper headlines in the last couple of months.

To understand what terrorism is, we had a session Moderated by NALSAR students Priyamvadha and Srujana. The questions discussed were:

  1. What is terrorism? What is collective violence?
  2. Who is a terrorist, and what were the criteria at different periods in history and in different regions?
  3. What conditions and agents prompt terrorism?
  4. What are the consequences of terrorist activities?

Needless to say – there are no easy answers. And in fact, easy and simplistic answers are terribly dangerous. Which is why we believe in starting with questions and Baatcheet.


Featured in The Hindu MetroPlus: STTI Open House

We were featured in the Coimbatore edition of The Hindu’s Metroplus, for our open house event on understanding Gender!

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Snapshot of the event:


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Workshop on Corruption: TVS Academy, Hosur

Tucked away in an industrial hotspot on the border of Bengaluru and Karnataka, Hosur is home to the innovative school TVS Academy. STTI held a workshop on Corruption, with material from TR Raghunandan, senior retd. IAS officer and founder of ipaidabribe.com. The students enjoyed the analogy of Monopoly and had fascinating ideas to check corruption and promote accountability.

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